About Us

What is the White River Fish Sanctuary?

The White River Fish Sanctuary (WRFS) exists through the joint partnership efforts of the White River Fishermen Association (WRFA) and White River Marine Association (WRMA).  Officially Gazetted in November 2017, the real work to make the sanctuary operational started two years earlier. As our  “Protect-Restore-Engage” motto says, the sanctuary strives to protect and restore marine life and to engage local people in its protection – especially our local fishermen who now serve as wardens and coral gardeners. By protecting the sanctuary, fishers’ livelihoods are also being restored.

Where are we located?

The WRFS is a demarcated 150-hectare “no-take” zone spanning waters in both parishes of St. Ann and St. Mary to help bring back marine life (corals, fish, sea urchins, etc.) and rebuild coral to better protect coastline from climate change effects (severe weather events, coral bleaching) for the benefit of the whole community (locals, tourist businesses, residents, etc.). Its borders extend from Prospect Plantation in St. Mary to Carib/Hermosa Cove, in Ocho Rios St. Ann.