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Environmental Calendar

Potential Environmental Calendar Dates for Public Relations and General Awareness Related to Fish Sanctuaries

UN Observances

Most important: International Year of the Reefs (IYOR) 2018




* Are Fixed Annual Dates

World Wetlands Day

February 2

World Sustainable Energy Days

26-28 February (these dates change annually)

International Women’s Day

March 8

World Consumer Rights Day

March 15

International Day of Forests

March 21st*

International Clean Energy Day

March 31st (may change annually)

World Water Day

March 22*

World Meteorological Day

March 23

World Health Day

April 7

International Mother Earth Day

April 22*

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

April 28

International Migratory Bird Day

May 10

International Day of Families

May 15

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

May 17

International Compost Awareness Week

2nd week of May

World Fair Trade Day

2nd Saturday in May

World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development

May 21

International Day for Biological Diversity

May 22*

International Children’s Day

June 1

World Environment Day

June 5

World Oceans Day

June 8

Disaster Preparedness Month

June 1-30 

Caribbean Fisher Folk Day

June 29

Atlantic/Caribbean Hurricane Season

June 1-November 30

National Environmental Awareness Week

June 3-9

Global Wind Day

June 15th (may vary slightly from year to year)

World Solar Day

Usually around June 20th

International Day of Cooperatives

1st Saturday in July

Global Energy Independence Day

July 10th (Birthdate of Nikola Tesla)

International Bio-diesel Day

August 10th

International Youth Day

August 12

International Ozone Day

September 16*

International Coastal Clean-up Day

3rd Saturday in September

World Water Monitoring Day

September 18

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 19

World Tourism Day

September 27

International Right to Know Day

September 28

World Habitat Day 

1st Monday in October

World Teachers’ Day

October 5

National Tree Planting Day

October 5

National Wood & Water Day  (relevant for Jamaica)

October 6

World Standards Day

October 14

World Food Day

October 16

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

October 17

World Statistics Day

October 20

International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction 

2nd Wednesday of October

Earth Science Week

3rd week of October

Caribbean Tourism Month

All of November – Official month in the Caribbean

Science and Technology Month

November 1-30

International Energy Saving Day

November 11th

World Town Planning Day

November 8

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

November 25