Community Outreach – A “Fiwi” Ting

At the WRFS, we know that preservation of the sanctuary will not be sustainable unless our local community is invested in its care. This means that our local people need to see the benefits of the Sanctuary for themselves – through more fish and a more beautiful recreational environment to enjoy. 

Our outreach program seeks to extend this sense of pride through school visits and concerts (Marjam Prep, Voices for Climate Change). 

Children and adults in the community are also involved in our Coastal water clean up days each year. 

Snorkeling tours and boat tours of the sanctuary also let community members see the results of protection and restoration for themselves. 


Photos from clean-up, schools, boat rides,   \/

Ocean literacy programme??

Something needs to be added here plus photos

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Survey

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