Coral Garden

Without living coral reefs, the sanctuary cannot act as a safe nursery for young fish. Through our project with the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ) (donor name here/grants if this is right), we’ve been actively restoring and replanting several sites. Our restoration involves  taking cuttings from healthy coral colonies and replanting them in two different types of coral nurseries: clothes-line and tree nurseries. 

Since we began, we’ve expanded from one nursery growing 1000 pieces of Staghorn coral to two nurseries growing 600 Elkhorn pieces and more than 2000 Staghorn pieces.

We grow Elkhorn and Staghorn corals for 6-8 months which are reef-building corals that provide extensive shelter and protection for reef fish. These are then transplanted onto degraded reefs.

We’ve also trained 5 community members (or fishers?)  to SCUBA dive and they are now fully involved in our coral gardening efforts.

Videos, pictures: dive training, coral planting, both types of nurseries

Coastal Water Clean Ups

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